How it began

It started with a simple phone call


Friends of ours had a big move before, it was the emigration to Norway. Together with a good 40 huskies it should start within a few weeks. But shortly before a female has given birth to four puppies and with four little puppies make such a move?


We hesitated only briefly, clarified on our environment, and offered to take the four racks for three months with us.


Top: Sitka and Kira, below: Tayler and Toback
Top: Sitka and Kira, below: Tayler and Toback

Four weeks later they were there. Alaskan Huskies. The two females Kira and Sitka and the males and Tayler and Toback.


They were just seven weeks old and looked not at all siblings from a litter. All were in different colors and the coat pattern and texture of the hair is anything but uniform. The parents are also Alaskans (Native "Maxi" and father "Sharky").


The four had even a famous grandmother, Minnie. One of the leaders in the sled dog team of Silvia Furtwängler. Together with its European dogs Silvia is so far the only European woman who completed the legendary Yukon Quest races successfully with a European team of sled dogs. And so, Minnie was part of the team. In 2003 Caruso, the only Siberian husky in the team was leader. Unfortunately, Minnie died a few months after arriving in Norway, on the beautiful Varmevoll Lodge.

Four Alaskan Huskies running
Four Huskies running in a field

An eventful and exciting times before us, it was clear from the outset that all go back to Silvia. After three months of stay, it was time. And with the departure came an unusual calm in our little kennel.


But just a few weeks of their departure became clear that Toback is not the separation of us coped. Duration piteous howling gnawed at Silvia's nerves and they asked us if we would take him with us.


We decided quickly. And the adventure took its course ...