KickSpark Tretschlitten

The KickSpark is a practical alternative to traditional dog sled and then be used where the environment do not allow the team more size. I drove the sled mostly with Toback. But even with two dogs here in tandem with Luna, the carriage can be well controlled.

The usage is similar to a kick scooter: one stands on one of the two runners and comes to terms with the other leg. Or, the dog, hooked with a shock absorber leash pulls the vehicle through the snow.

This results in quite a few notable points:


The resistance on the slide is already significantly larger than on a scooter / mountain bike, especially as the respective snow situation has great impact on driving. Absolutely unsuitable fresh snow > 10 cm. We had this winter (2009/10) regularly. As it pushes so much snow in front of them, so that it is hardly to get through. Toback has also because of something completely different driving noise used but at the third tour he is already gone better. Man must exert himself a little curve technique and be aware that a precise stopping point is in the world of dreams. Despite brake pad, its use is also getting used to, you stop with a braking distance. The advantage, because the speed (with a dog) is not so high, you can jump well. Provided the ground is not frozen, containing winter. With two dogs, which is already tricky, but it goes, too. Only to get better in deep snow!


The cornering is a bit tricky: it is just a bit further back on the skids, will be charged for the curve. This is the front of the sled a little higher, is not so deep in the snow (more on slides) and you have the feeling that they tend to turn on a "point ". I am no longer with the whole foot on the base level but still with the tip. This is further back are also relevant amounts of new snow in handy, just in front of this light lifting.

Toback - KickSpark ride in dark winter landscape