Volga Quest - die Ereignisse üerschlagen sich

Nach 3 Tagen und etwa 350 km ist nur noch Silvia im Rennen. Dazu Jeff Schultz, Fotograf aus Alaska, auf seiner Facebook-Seite:


"The internet access here in Russia and on the trail is pretty nonn-existent. The salient facts of my 3 days on the trail is:
* 1st day 120 KM on snow-go 5 teams in race not much time for shooting spent night in monastary with no electricty or internet. Team crossing railroad tracks and roads and pretty country. Great people. they met the first musher with bread
* 2nd day 100 KM on snow go 3 teams in race. not much time for shooting, lots of waiting spent night in small hotel 3 people in room Beautiful national park and great warm hospitality
3rd day took car ride 1 team left in the race... Sylvia from germany.. more like a festival now. 24 hour layover tonight ..."